• BK1526MIX/PLUS
  • BK1526MIX/PLUS
  • BK1526MIX/PLUS


  • MIX Sounds play at the same time
  • Built-in two timer on/off
  • With 350 sounds
  • 2200mAh li-battery
  • Product description: BK1526 MIX Sounds Bird Calls, support two sounds play at the same time. support 500M remote control (optional).
BIRDKING Outdoor sounds experts,pioneer of industry technology new mix bird sounds caller in 2020.
The design idea, simple and generous.
The concept of use, easy to understand, good touch.
Technological innovation, mixed bird sound, can play two different sounds at the same time.
Quality standard makes the BK1526MIX classic and timeless bestsell.

Product description:
1. mixed sounds play, can play two different sounds at the same time, one button to switch, easy to operate.
2. Support 500M remote control (optional).
3. Built-in 20W 126dB speaker, support an external 5V and a 12V speaker.
4. Built-in 3.7V 2200mAh rechargeable battery, can play for more than 12 hours.
5. Timer ON/OFF,can setting two sounds timer ON/OFF at the same time.
6. 2.0-inch large-size LCD display,larger size and clearer,see clearly under outdoor strong light.
7. Operation interface is clear and easy.
8. Built-in 350 sounds, professional recording, clear and realistic.
9. 0-9 digital key sounds free to switch, user is convenient to use, switching music is more convenient.
10. Support DC12V power input, can use car power.
11. Product size: 136mm*61mm*24mm
12. N.W: 100G     G.W: 0.3KG/SET
13. Colors: Green/Camouflage
14. Have a design patent, do not copy.

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