• BK1520
  • BK1520
  • BK1520
  • BK1520
  • BK1520


  • With Double Speakers
  • Built-in Timer ON/OFF
  • speaker support 45° adjustable
  • Waterproof Hunt Bag
  • Product description: BK1520, the speakers support 45° adjustable, 200 bird sounds, timer on/off, camouflage bag.
1.Built-in two 35W Loud Speaker voice reach to 130dB,each speaker support 45°up/down adjustable,and hand control the switch for each speaker,two speakers play or single speaker play.
2.Connect with “aviation plug”, DC12-24V power supply,connector is more tight and useful.
3.On the bottom use general type nut, Can connect the tripod of all kinds of digital products for
implement under different ground conditions.
4.Built-in 200 difference bird voice.
5.Built-in Timer,support cycle timer, such as 1 hour off for 1 hour on continuous cycle
( uninterruptible power supply).
6.Supporting quick choose voices via the keys.
7.With portable Waterproof Hunt Bag.
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