• BK1521
  • BK1521
  • BK1521
  • BK1521


  • Heat Dissipation Design
  • Mix Voice Play
  • 200 Sounds
  • 2*50W Speakers of Heat Dissipation
  • Product description: BK1521 heat dissipation design, 2*50w speakers, 200 bird voices, timer on/off, outdoor bag.

Another Amazing Desert King Hunting Bird Calls with High temperature resistant&anti dust.

1.With two 50W Loud Speakers 150dB,Main Player and Speakers Built-in heat dissipation design.
2. Each speaker with two tapered pile for fix the positions and use in different conditions.
3.Support MIX Voice play,connect Phone,CD,MP3 etc digital players via AUX audio input port.Playing two different voices at the same time in mix function.
4.With 10 Keys for easily and directly opeation.
5.Built-in 200 difference bird voice.
6.Built-in Timer,support cycle timer.
7.Connect with “aviation plug”,DC12 power supply, connector is more tight and useful.
8.With portable outdoor bag.

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