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  • BK5518
  • BK5518
  • BK5518
  • BK5518


  • Work Way : By hand or Timer.
  • Input Power: 12V
  • Machine Diameter : 200MM
  • Use in quail, pigeon and birds' feather plucking.
  • Product description: HOTSELL BK5518 with fast and slow switch, dv12v, use in quail, pigeon and birds' feather plucking.

Products Specifiction:

Type : Dry off

Unhairing Rate: 98%

Work Way : By hand or Timer.

Work Capacity: 0.3KG

Input Power: 12V

Motor Power : 15W

Motor Speed: 5000R/MIN

Machine Diameter : 200MM

G..W: 1.2KG

Size: 281.7*195.4*195.4MM

Used in quail, pigeon and birds' feather plucking

Product Introduction:

1. Machine made by stainless steel, simple and elegant, easy to clean, long-term use will not rust and with longer life.

2. It using PV transparent strong material. With four buttons, not only can prevent spills and also watch feathers hair removal process easy to control the process through the cover,Also the whole work process become safer.

3.The main part of the motor using thick ABS material, black house,with stainless steel looks better.

4. the depilatory stick use green silicone,non-toxic,smooth skin glue stick will not harm the birds.

5. Motor use advanced technology, power 15W, motor speed time 5000R/MIN, 12V Power supply with 12V clip for use outdoor.Also our factory provide 110-220V adapter for use at home.

6. Machine can work by hand or by timer, Timer setting with 30seconds and 45seconds.

7. The machine has a new FAST AND SLOW motor mode feature.

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